Welcome to My English Book and Me!

My English Book and Me 1 - 7 is for kindergarten, elementary and Jr. High School Students.


All texts teach phonics, simple questions and answers and lots of vocabulary.


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  • find out how we use the books in our lessons
  • find out how we suggest Moms and Dads use the books

Why is it named MY English Book and ME?

  • the books are child friendly and about them
  • the vocabulary is vocabulary kids use (unicycle, scooter.....)
  • children ask and answer questions about themselves  (Do you like tomatoes?   What's your favorite sport?)
  • children write about themselves:   I can swim.    I don't have glasses......

What is special about the My English Book and Me series?

  • It is about them, the students.
  • The pictures are simple and clear.
  • Each page in My English Book and Me 3 - 7 can be done 3 times.   Children can re-do and review at their pace.
  • It was made with Japanese children in mind (Japanese friendly vocabulary)
  • It has been road tested in Dave and Amy English Schools with great results.  Students are self confident and read, write and speak well.
  • It was written by teachers with more than 20 years experience.  They know what teachers and students need/ want.

About Dave and Amy

Dave and Amy have been teaching English in Saitama, Japan since 1996. 

They opened Dave and Amy English School in 2004.   It currently has 4 locations with over 400 students.   

They started writing the My English Book and Me series in 2011.   The books and materials are very popular with their students.   

Please look at www.daveandamyenglish.com for more information about their schools.